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What Is a Nutrition Coach?

A Nutrition Coach, otherwise known as a Health Coach, is a health practitioner who helps people of all ages to better understand the often-intimidating subject of nutrition, as well as learn to make optimal food and lifestyle choices and to develop a better relationship with food overall. They can help them overcome the various barriers that prevent them from achieving their goals, and they provide support in maintaining a healthy body and a more balanced mind. Health and Nutrition Coaches are instrumental in helping our community overcome the epidemic of obesity, of chronic pain and inflammation and to address the healthcare crisis; specifically, our mental healthcare crisis. Health coaches are experts on human behavior, motivation, and health. They are “change agents” who help their clients set and achieve health goals and build new habits.

Although Dieticians and Doctors can certainly help people to better understand certain health issues, they often do not have the time and resources to guide individuals on their entire journey, step by step, as a guide-on-the-side toward a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. General advice and prescriptions are suggested, but the patient then does not have all of the information or time to always make an informed decision. This is where a Health Coach can step in and frequently will work alongside a person’s healthcare team of experts. A Health Coach will share additional potential options that are natural which also create long-lasting results and are side-effect free. Having support from the Health Coach who is also acting as an accountability partner along the way can be very valuable. 

What Exactly Does a Nutrition Coach Do?

Health and Nutrition Coaches are highly experienced individuals who can help you set goals and implement sustainable changes to improve your health. They will also assist you in navigating the world of conflicting health advice. Your Health Coach will listen to you, simplify and educate you on the subject of having a strong and vibrant life and health.

The goal of a Health Coach is to help you transform your mindset and body into a total health experience; inside and out. A Health Coach will consider your health to be holistic. They will take a look at the whole picture: your nutrition, your physical movement, your relationships, your home environment, your career, your sleep, your hobbies, etc. When you struggle in a certain area, it often affects different areas of your life and so it’s important to consider a holistic picture.

If you have nutritional deficiencies, complex nutrition requirements or you need support with a serious health condition or food allergy, a dietician or a nutritionist should be your first port of call. Nutritionists and Dieticians are able to provide their clients with specialised dietary advice and meal plans. The main difference between a health coach and a nutritionist is their approach and area of speciality. Health coaches don’t just focus on diet and nutrition; they assess your well-being as a whole, also looking at lifestyle factors. They are a guide as your transform your life and health. They set specific goals for their clients and mentor them to achieve these goals. 

Are Nutrition Coaches Important?

Nutrition Coaches help their clients get “unstuck” and build confidence in overcoming challenges and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, whatever that may mean for their client. They believe their clients are experts in their own lives, and that they have all of the answers within them.

Instead of following a strict and often unsustainable diet and fitness routine, nutrition coaches help individuals create a healthy lifestyle that is customized, fun, guilt free; one that can be achieved and maintained and most importantly, a lifestyle that they really look forward to. They help their clients reach their goals by providing them with the tools, knowledge and guidance to reach them.

What are the Benefits of Having a Professional Nutrition Coach?

There are many different types of Health Coaches that have a variety of qualifications ranging from different nutrition specialties, personal training experiences, they also include yoga and meditation teachers, ect. They offer a variety of accessible options such private coaching or group coaching, in-person or online. 

Health Coaches help individuals improve their personal power and confidence. They help them find a deeper sense of purpose and kindness to themselves. No more one step forward and one step back, Health Coaches teach their customers how to manage their time, make the best decisions for themselves and how to consistently achieve results.

Nutritional coaches are here to help you reach your goals regardless of the situation. They help you create a lifestyle that is sustainable no matter the circumstances.

  • Individualized Nutrition

Many diet plans give generic plans that do not take into account a person’s unique lifestyle factors, such as exercise, environment, and bio-individuality. They also suggest restricting certain foods or food groups to cut down on calories. This approach is ineffective and does not teach people how to eat optimally in a way that is right for them and their bodies. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, a nutritional coach will help you develop a personalized program that fits your unique needs. Together you build a plan that isn’t restrictive, you create a plan that feels inclusive and focuses on your own personal preferences and therefore feels much more achievable. 

  • Adjustment Programs

A good Health Coach can adjust their client’s program based on his or her progress, personal feedback and the data collected. This method is more precise and systematic than the traditional approach to dieting.

  • Planning of Meals

The goal of a Certified Nutrition Coach is to help clients develop healthy meal plans that meet their nutritional needs and improve their performance. They can also help them avoid developing habits that are not optimal. They teach their clients their own tips and tricks for meal prepping. A good Coach knows that cutting down on food is not always the best option, often it’s about making a more optimal choice that can help you feel satiated and balanced. 

  • They Encourage You

Having a Coach can help individuals overcome their health issues and keep them focused on the big picture. A Nutrition Coach can help clients remember and reconnect to their past successes. Support and encouragement are provided during difficult times, and a Coach can help clients overcome their doubts and limiting beliefs so that they keep making gradual progress.

  • Monitoring Progress

It can be hard for people to keep track of their progress. A Coach can help them determine the most accurate indicators for measuring their progress. The scale for example is often not a comprehensive and complete reflection of someone’s body composition.

Nutrition Coaching with Martine

People are looking for options. They are struggling to make consistent progress; they need help and they are turning to Health Coaches to bring awareness and make improvements full-circle. Unlike health fads that come and go, health coaching improves your well-being long-term. A health coach is your personal health cheerleader, guide and partner. 

Nutrition Coaches are knowledgeable about nutrition and are also able to translate their knowledge into practical applications that their clients can use. Through individualized programs and or by providing education, clients can develop a much deeper understanding of their own unique nutritional needs and overall life, health and wellness.

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