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What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach assists clients in setting and achieving goals. Just like a sports coach, a Life Coach helps you to become the best at what you do; the best at living a great life. A Coach helps you to create a plan of action and shares strategies to help you reach those goals and then provides ongoing support as needed. A Life Coach helps you to help yourself. A coaching client receives feedback, as well as insight including a variety of optional paths to take, education, accountability and guidance from the Coach on accomplishing their very best life, professionally or personally, and ideally both. 

A Life Coach can be certified in one or many different disciplines. For example, I am a certified Life Coach, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga Tune Up Teacher, Neuro-Linguistics Practitioner, Public Speaker, Mother, etc. What makes my coaching style unique is my ability to coach and mentor you in several areas of your circle of life: your overall health, nutrition, fitness, home environment, relationships, social life, education, career, finances, creativity, spirituality, joy… I offer private, confidential, safe, and exclusive personal and group coaching that is in-person, online, and through self-study programs.

What Exactly Does a Life Coach Do?

Individuals are turning to Life Coaches for assistance in problem-solving and taking actions toward their goals. Many individuals see the advantages of engaging with coaches for personal or professional growth and development. 

The following are some of the services that I offer as a Life Coach:

Life Coaching For All Ages:

I work with people of all ages to help them find solutions, establish goals, and make those changes they’ve been wanting to make that mean to much to them. Whether you’re needing to improve your communication skills, make progress at home, at school or at work, I’ll help you connect or re-connect to your best self.


Life Coaches offer a variety of programs specific to your needs. For example, I offer an initial 90-minute assessment called ‘Ignite’. In this appointment, we start to create your plan of action. After this appointment, there are three main programs to choose from. One is called ‘Activate’ and it’s a 90-day program that help you to find clarity and to get started. Another is called a ‘Breakthrough’. This medium-term, program helps you discover not why you do what you do but HOW you do what you. It’s specific to a goal that you have been feeling completely ‘stuck’ on. It’s meant to help you BREAKTHROUGH the problem. And my third program is called ‘Transform’. The transformation program is a longer-term program for those that are looking to make a complete change, perhaps inside and out.

Functional Training

Although I do offer personal training services, my focus is on movement education and functional training. I help those who are beginners or looking for a new beginning. These workouts often focus on core stability and strength while using the entire body. We breathe, stretch, balance and move. Functional training helps treat and prevent injuries, awakening a body that needs to move more, learn or re-learn how to move, and build or re-build strength.

How is Working with a Life Coach Beneficial?

If you experience any of the following, working with a Life Coach may be helpful for you:

  • Chronic irritability or a lack of motivation
  • High levels of anxiety or stress
  • Trouble overcoming habits that negatively impact your life
  • Lack of confidence, joy or direction
  • Disorganization or displeasure in your daily life, home environment, or in your profession
  • Challenges in your relationships or social life

Importance of Having a Life Coach

Have you ever thought to yourself…

Why haven’t I met my goals? How can I ‘live the dream’? 

Have you ever considered working with a Life Coach? A Life Coach can help by challenging or re-programming your mindset and uncovering unique alternatives for your challenges.

In the past few years, Life Coaches have considerably increased in popularity. To succeed in their personal and professional lives, many CEOs, leaders, business owners, and creatives are collaborating with Life Coaches.

The following are some of the benefits of working with a Life Coach:

Provides Clear Direction

A Life Coach might be helpful if you are feeling unhappy or dissatisfied but aren’t sure what the cause is and or where to start. They can assist you in identifying your strengths, your talents and the things that give your life a deep sense of meaning. There can be blind spots or undiscovered treasures beneath the surface that maybe you cannot find on your own. 

Aids in Goal-Setting

A Life Coach can help you understand your present and future wants and needs, guiding you through the goal-setting process. With the help of their open-ended questions, you may learn significant truths about who you are and what you desire in your life. They can help in your organizing and planning for success. Each stage in your plan is sufficiently detailed so that you are entirely aware of your options in terms of what can be done and how you can achieve it.

Offers Support and Unbiased Advice

A Life Coach is available to assist you in your quest for personal progress by providing objective, truthful feedback and can give personal and professional guidance which you can take or leave. It’s all about options; it’s your life, your plan. An experienced Life Coach will also have relevant professional experience from helping many others with similar goals and challenges to support their ideas and recommendations. They’ll be your biggest supporters, praising you and celebrating with you each victory you achieve and gently guiding you back to the right path when you go off-course.

Accountability Partner

A Life Coach will help you make sure that you get back on track if and when you feel as though you’ve taken a step back or experience self-doubt. One step at a time. Accountability is crucial for accomplishing your desired objectives Having a coach to check-in with frequently will help you stay on course to reaching your goals.

Life Coaching with Martine

A sense of meaning, personal progress, growth and development; that’s what people are looking for when they connect with a Life Coach. They turn to Life Coaches for help in problem-solving and taking decisive actions toward their goals. The question is, who is suitable for you? This matters a lot. I offer a free 20-minutes consult to answer your questions and to help ensure that I’m the right coach for you!

Whether you need a Life Coach, Health Coach, Nutrition Coach, Yoga Tune Up, Teacher, Personal Trainer, a Public Speaker or another wellness professional, my team at Martine Lauzon Coaching and myself, are here for you. 

I provide private and group coaching services in-person, online, and through self-study programs. I specialize in building kindness to yourself. Let’s increase your confidence and personal power, as well as help you to discover a much deeper sense of drive and purpose.

Working with a Life Coach provides a neutral and safe environment to examine thoughts that cross your mind. I have a powerful method to help you analyze and challenge your views and assumptions about the world and yourself.

A Life Coach is your accountability partner who supports you in setting smaller goals and acts as a ‘guide on the side’ when things don’t go as planned without judgment. We simply go back to the drawing board and keep moving forward.  Accountability involves more than keeping you on track with a checklist. It also entails evaluating what went well and what didn’t go well, so that you can advance as you make changes all around and acquire a better sense of who you are and what you really want.

Are you prepared to make some much-needed changes? Book now or let’s connect!