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What Happens During a Life Coaching Session

An Overview of a Life Coach’s Process

A Life Coach will frequently offer a free consultation or a free guide to help answer some of your initial questions and to determine if you would make an ideal match for working together. The coach may then suggest a follow-up coaching session or a series of coaching sessions, workshops or tools. This is depending on your goals and needs.

As a Life Coach in Ottawa, I personally take it one step further. I offer a free consultation followed by a 90-minute initial coaching appointment before requesting a long- or short-term commitment from you, the client. My biggest concern is that you make an informed decision, feel confident about your investment, and are genuinely excited about taking the next step. To help you make new connections right away, this appointment may include a series of specific questions and learnings about your life, health, nutrition, and fitness. On the basis of those learnings, we create a plan of action you can look forward to. If you feel the resonance and are eager to move ahead with this plan, you can choose me as your accountability partner. I’m here for you.

Through coaching packages, self-study guides, and workbooks, I offer support.

Coaching sessions usually focus on what’s going well (even if it’s just one thing at first). We’ll continue to improve on this. Sessions include specialized and specific assessments, therapeutic coaching exercises customized to your unique situation, and troubleshooting as we progress. I often receive feedback that clients feel better after each session. Taking a step back no longer scares them; they say it’s like releasing a huge sigh of relief.

It helps to finally speak with someone about what you have been thinking and feeling, to have someone objective to listen to you.

Ready to book your 90-minute initial coaching session? When you’re ready to move forward, I’ll share options so you can continue to receive support.