Activate Self-Study eGuide & Workbook


This soul-work Life Coaching Self-Study eGuide and Workbook will teach you how to get unstuck, find answers to your questions and self-ACTIVATE. For new beginnings or a reset, it will help you set intentions, make decisions and pave a clear path forward. How can you mindfully craft your decisions and actions so that they may create a genuinely healthy and happy life? This 70 page guide and workbook includes many life coaching exercises that I have used to help thousands kickstart the process of making critical changes that last.

Topics include:

  • Part 1 Self-Study eGuide: How to create a good and balanced life (and be present for it).
    •  Trusting Your Unconscious Mind (trusting yourself)
    • The Blue Zones – Live Better Longer (lessons from the world’s longest lived)
    • Finding balance in your circle of life
    • Creating Magical Time
    • Concept of Filling Your Own Cup – How to Source Energy
    • Build a Solid Foundation (movement, nutrition, rest and play)
    • Anxiety – The Big WHAT IF
  • Part 2 Activate Workbook: Create a plan of action
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  1. Lisa Graphic Designer, Listowel ON

    Activate works. I used your self-study guide and workbook and…well got my sh!t together to say the least. I was in a difficult situation that required me to get organized and take action. Your activation guide helped me understand that I need to elevate my self-care in order to better take care of others. Your help is what turned the gear for me. Keep doing what you’re doing. This guide has been a personal, spiritual and healing journey in itself.

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